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    one day, some towers fell
    and the world rocked on its heels
    and grew blisters between its toes.

    yesterday, my grandmother called
    and with a voice thick like anesthesia
    and shaky like war, she told us the drones
    fly over Pakistan when the skies are bluest.

    with bullet-shaped silence on my end,
    she tells me that blue skies mean
    different things in different nations.

    one day, some towers fell.
    it is a dozen years later, a thousand
    suns and moons and caskets made to fit
    infant bodies, and my sister watches
    a commercial for skin lightening cream.

    i will wake in the middle of the blackest night
    to the sound of her warm feet
    against bathroom tile. i will listen
    to her gasping breath as she washes her face
    with the cold side of the tap
    over and over and over again.

    i will listen to her sigh
    as she realizes for the fifth night in a row
    that this brown
    does not wash off, does not
    spill into the drain, does not
    peel itself into a whiter,
    safer life.

    one day, some towers fell.
    one day, i came to Canada on a plane
    with peppermint candies and foldable tables
    and my henna coloured hand clutched
    in my mother’s.

    one day, i came home
    from a new school with my native tongue
    carved out from under me,
    with a tougher, harder language
    in its place, with a language that never bathed me
    on a Lahore roof, never sold ginger chai on
    the street corner, never drove rickshaws
    like there were dreams tied to the bumper.

    a language that only side-eyed me
    when i climbed on the school bus,
    only coloured my brown cheekbones pink
    and the space between my white tights yellow
    when i did not know how to ask for the bathroom,

    a language that only called me a
    “terrorist”, only named
    my brown baby skin “exotic but not enough”,
    only faulted my father’s hands for those towers
    when the only words bookmarked in my
    English dictionary were “home” and

    My Name is Brown | Ramna Safeer (via inkywings)

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    Instead of saying motherfucker you can just say Oedipus

    Half our generation wouldn’t even understand that

    yes you are right the thousands of notes on this post prove how ignorant our generation is. only you are intelligent. you are the chosen one.

    only real Ancient Greek kids would understand

    reblog if ur a tru 650BC kid

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